• Next Generation in
    Energy Investing
    Acquisition, exploration, development, operations:
    on-shore oil & gas in gulf coast and mid-continent regions

Oil and Gas Investors:

We’re leading oil and gas investing into the 21st century utilizing the most up-to-date technology without sacrificing the tried and true science of oil and gas discovery and extraction.

Managing for Quality Profitablity Success

Veritas Energy Management aims to create direct, profitable relationships between oil and gas operators and investors, whether industry or accredited.

Veritas accomplishes this by acquiring leases and operating those wells profitably. By increasing its overall lease position, Veritas gains the ability to diversify into multiple wells and better predict rates of return. Oil and gas speculation has captured the focus of the investment market. This is because all sectors of the international economy are deeply affected by the price and availability of fossil fuels.

Oil and Gas Operators: We are engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, and operation of on-shore oil and natural gas properties in the mid-continent and gulf coast regions of the U.S.

We are always interested in broadening the scope of our Advisory Board.

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Accredited or Industry Investors:

We partner with successful oil and gas operators to identify, evaluate, structure, market, and manage oil and gas investment opportunities designed to achieve investor payout within 36 months or less.

Investing to Diversify Reinforce Succeed

Veritas offers oil and gas investment opportunities through Direct Participation Programs (DPP’s).

DPP's are business ventures designed to allow investors to participate directly in the cash flow and tax benefits of the underlying investment. Oil and gas investments allow investors to diversify and reinforce their portfolios with a commodity that is in steady demand and DPP's are commonly used vehicles to raise investment capital in the oil and gas industry.

Many informed financial advisors today are recommending oil and gas DPP’s to their clients as part of a balanced portfolio. Sophisticated investors with well-balanced portfolios who invest in oil and gas DPP’s can realize excellent monthly cash dividends and sustained cash flow while adding to their diversification.

Veritas Energy Management stands out from many other oil and gas companies by placing a strong emphasis on integrity, trustworthiness and honesty, just as the company’s namesake is derived from the Latin word “veritas,” meaning “truth.”

Bruno Allaire, CEO of Veritas

Our Projects

We develop and manage a variety of energy infrastructure projects in the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments of the oil and gas industry, supporting the objective of creating a vertically-integrated company providing superior returns.

We are available anytime to discuss the value of partnering with us and investing in our projects.

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